About Us

Cipher Systems, Inc., formally Cipher Systems, was established in 2004 by the current CEO of the company. Shortly after it was not only scheduled to become incorporated, but the decision was made to bring onboard another set of hands to accommodate the direction in which the IT firm was heading. Since then we have worked with numerous residential clients as well as various businesses and government agencies.

Cipher Systems, Inc. has been created to bridge the gap between technology and its users. We work hand-in-hand with businesses that staff anywhere from under 10 or more employees to Fortune 500 companies

Mission Statement: The mission of Cipher Systems, Inc. is to provide the best technology solutions to our customers. With a commitment to collaboration and innovation, our company will strive to implement and support our customers to the best of our abilities. Ensuring that Cipher Systems, Inc. is successful in a high competitive and technology intensive environment. We will seek to deliver its services in an efficient manner, responding to the constantly changing needs of its user community.